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SHAREit is a file sharing app that allows all the users to transfer files faster than NFC and Bluetooth with higher transferring speed. Before the launch of this App, people rely on Bluetooth and USB devices to transfer files with very low transferring speed. This app is totally encrypted so that it is very secure and safe to use. Apart from SHAREit, the company has some various other utility apps like LISTENit, CLONEit, CLEANit, and LOCKit. A user can also use SHAREit download for PC or Desktop or you can download SHAREit from the website download link. SHAREit app is based on the principle of Wi-Fi direct method.

SHAREit allows users to transfer files, images, video, music, songs, contacts, and other important documents. In 2018, SHAREit acquires the app named “Fastfilmz” and appointed Mr. Karam Malhotra (founder of Fastfilmz), as CEO of SHAREit India.

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SHAREit App Highlights

The new version of SHAREit 4.5.18 comes with two new highlighted features in the “Setting” section of any Android smartphone. These two new features are- New Home Page and Media Center & File Management Improvements. Another update to SHAREit for Android comes in its “Changelog” which provide excellent smooth watching a video on the optimized video player and add a download bar for us to keep the track of our all video, images, movies, music, and more.

SHAREit App Features:

  • You can transfer file and documents from mobile to mobile, Windows to Windows, Phone to Mac, and Phone to Windows independently.
  • This app is very faster to share and transfer all the data than other built-in methods like Bluetooth or without any cable or USB to transfer data from one source to other.
  • Allows to send or transfer all the formats of data faster with the help of this app.

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SHAREit App Pros:

  • Allow smooth and simple files transfer to all the Operating System of various smartphones.
  • Compatible with Windows Desktop or PC.
  • Faster than anything in terms of file transfer.

SHAREit App Cons: Sometimes people get confused about how to use this application.

Bottom Line:

SHAREit app is the most popular these days and in a trend as well. It allows faster sharing and transfer of all kind of files of any format. This app already takes over the place of Bluetooth in terms of anything like faster transfer, connectivity, compatibility. It is a good alternative to all kind of transfer apps like Xander, Bluetooth, and many more.

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