Hike App

Technical Information Of Hike App:

Application Hike
Author Kavin Bharti Mittal
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Developer Hike private limited
Initially Released on December 2012
Android stable version 6.3.23
Android stable version released on June 26, 2020
iOS stable version 16.2.210
iOS stable version released on March 23, 2020
Languages used C++, Java, Objective C, Swift, React Native, Javascript, HTML, Python, Golang, Node.js
Compatible OS Android, iOS, Windows phone, web app, blackberry OS, Symbian S60
Platform ARM, x86/x86-64
Avaialble in 10 languages
Type Instant messaging
License Freeware
Website Hike. in
Size for android 38.06 MB
Required android 4.4 and above
Size for iOS 466.4 MB
Compatible iOS iOS 11.0 and above, iphone,ipad, ipod touch
Available Languages English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Age rating 12+
In-app purchase HikeStar


The Hike is an instant messaging application that allows the users for an exchange of messages, stickers and multimedia messages. The users are made available with a vast collection of unique and fun stickers. This application also provides service with low internet access, and the network connection is not mandatory if the sender and receiver lie within a distance of 100 meters. The hike application does consist of news all over the world.

Features Of Hike Application:

The list of features that associated with the hike application given below

Massive Collection Of Natural Filters: There are many unique and natural filters made available so that the user can apply any one of them if required. These filters are available while sharing an image to the receiver so that the user can use one of them based on the requirement.

Hike Stickers: One of the wow factors in the Hike application are these stickers as the application does consists of a massive collection of Hike stickers that are fun and unique.

Assistance By Natasha(Personal Assistance): To provide assistance and to solve all the choirs in the Hike application there made avialble with a personal assistant named Natasha who provides the service for 24/7 for all the hike users.

Free Messages: By using the hike application, it provides the users with free messages every day—the rewarding of hike messages based on the usage of the Hike application.

Blue Packets: The blue packets is a feature that available only at the times of special occasion which allows the users to send and receive the mpney with a hidden message. All the people  have to make use of the blue packets within 24 hours as they disappear within that limited time

Advantages Of Hike Application:

The pros of hike application given below

Allows A Group With 1000 Members: The hike application allows the users to create an account with more than 1000 members in a single group.

An Option Of Secret Chats Available: If the user wanted to hide chats from the hike account, then there is a possibility to hide chats with a passcode that is invisible with any other people.

Send And Receive Messages Without An Access To Internet Connection: If the sender and receiver lie within a distance of 100 meters, then the internet connection is mandatory for the exchange of texts, multimedia messages and stickers.

Available With Referral System: The hike application can also use as the kit for pocket money as there is a possibility to earn by using the Hike application. The application provides the user with 50 or 100 rupees by sending a reference link to a friend or a family member.

Disadvantages Of Hike Application:

The cons of hike application given below

Feature Of Video Calling Unavailable: The Hike application doesn’t provide support for video calls.

Outdated Tools Available For Marketing: If any user is planning for promotions in the Hike application, then it’s better to quit that idea as there are no sophisticated tools made available for the Hike users.

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