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Permissions For Hike Application:

The list of permissions that the user has to accept for using the hike application

In-app Purchases

The app allows purchasing inside the application

Device and App History

The user has to permit the Hike application to read device sensitive data and the internal system state. The application also requires access to the web bookmarks, history and the data regarding the list of running apps.

Cellular Data Settings

The Hike application requires a permit to access the data regarding cellular data settings to connect with the internet connection.


Details regarding the identity to find accounts on the device required for the Hike application, it also requires the authentication over to read contact card, modify contact card.


The user has to grant the permissions to read device contacts and to modify.


The Hike application requires rights to read calendar events and confidential data. Retrieves the calendar events and send emails to guests without owner involvement.


The Hike application consists of a feature of share live location and current location so that it requires the access of approximate location to share the current location. It also requires extra location provider commands.


For transmission and receiving the messages, the Hike application requires permission to send, receive, and edit text messages.


The features of audio calls and video calls require access over the call log to read and write. The user has to provide access to reroute outgoing calls and make calls without user involvement


The Hike application supports sharing the multimedia messages; to do this, it requires authentication to read the contents of USB, modify and delete USB contents.


To take the picture and to record videos access over camera required by the Hike application


The hike application requires access of microphone to access the audio and video calls

Wi-fi connection information

The Hike application can connect with the internet through cellular data or Wi-Fi connection. To connect with Wi-Fi, it wants to retrieve the data regarding Wi-Fi information.

Bluetooth connection information

Hike application requires access to the Bluetooth connection to know the nearby Bluetooth devices.

Wearable sensors

While using the application, it requires retrieving the information regarding the wearable sensors

Device ID & Call Information

 The hike application requires access over the device ID, phone numbers. Device ID provides access to read phone status and identity


The Hike application requires access over the social stream to write and read; it also requires access for the subscribed feeds.