Discord App

Technical Information Of Discord App:

Application Discord
Category Social networking
Initially released on May 13, 2015
Founder Jason Citron
C.E.O Jason Citron
The stable version released on April 1, 2019
Preview version 0.0.203
Preview version released on February 22, 2018
Compatible O.S. iOS, android, windows, macOS, Linux, web browser
Available in 27 languages
Application type VoIP communications, instant messaging, videoconferences, content delivery and social media
License Proprietary freeware
Website discord. com
Seller Discord, Inc
Size for iOS 149.6 MB
Compatible iOS iOS 10.0 and above, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Available languages English
Age rating 12+
In-App purchase Nitro Monthly

Classic Monthly

Nitro classic


The best cross-platform chat for text, video, and the voice comes explicitly designed for gamers. The 250 million gamers or users around the globe.

Create own secure chat channels to play games with friends, organize squads, and find teammates, and participate in gaming platforms.

Whether you play like Battle Royale (or) MOBA, FPS (or) RPG, if you follow streamers or even exports, you can quickly start a group chat for everything you and your gaming want to talk.

Benefits of Discord App:          

Live text, voice, and video chat:

The message, call and speak with your friends in real-time for all your gaming needs. The user even can upload their images and GIFs.

Private and public messaging:

If you are creating a chat server for your squad or a big online Data 2 coaching community, Discord’s got you covered. You allowed participating in as many servers as you wish.

Server tools with member participation:

Discord application with complete tools to organize. Tidy up conversations by adding to the topic-based on channels within each server, & assign roles to members you want to give them special permissions or mod powers.

Community management:

The preferred communication app like Reddit, Twitch streamers, YouTube content creators, & several other gaming-related sections.

To post news, polls, giveaways, & discussion topics to their inflow of followers.

Push notification controls:

That’s easy with detailed server notifications settings, which give you complete control over what types of messages you get alerted.

Millions of Discord application servers have been created so far, with prosperous communities and tight-knit guilds formed around numerous games and interests.

 Procedure to Discord:

  • Once you created an account, you will ask to create a server, which represents an individual chat board place.
  • Want to join existing servers on Discord! Then click on server Discovery, & you can browse servers for popular games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and War frame.
  • Each server divided into three panels. It has text and voice channels, as well as the option to invite people. The second pane is the chat window where you can send messages, GIFs, emoji, and free gamers.
  • The last pane in a server lets you see which members are online. If you want to invite friends to your server, copy the invite link and send it their way.
  • The option at the top of the server lets you track if you have mentioned in the chat. Voice channels have similar options the same as text channels.
  • What differences voice chat in Discord from other apps? Such as Skype, is the ability to set individual volumes for each participant and the ability to mute others?
  • The main feature of Discord is that it can use simultaneously while playing. If you have the installed application on your desktop, you can overlay it on the game so don’t need to switch back and forth during the game and the chat.

It’s an easy way to interact with the fellow game and keep in touch with gaming communities at large.

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