Discord Download

Pros and Cons of Discord App


  • User-Friendly- Discord follows the type interface designed popularized, extremely clean and attractive, & doesn’t clutter the interface with unnecessary chrome and cruft.
  • It can use in-browser- users can invite to join a Discord application channel via a web link, that means no installation is required to use the software- one of the significant typical barriers to entry for social software.
  • Free for unlimited users- a total amount of users.
  • Open source and management tools- Discord has a wide variety of bots for things from airhorn noises to automated server management, the bot API is free, and there are dedicated sites for finding bots.
  • Click invite system- this application allows people to a specific channel with a link. Links can set to expire.
  • Easy setup- The user can be allowed to send invitations to people & they may join by using the web client without creating an account or install the app.
  • Game integration- discord shows which game user is currently playing, which among others helps users to form PUGs with minimal hassle.
  • Supports video and text communication- The regular text channels, but with the ability to create voice channels as well.
  • Language localization- Have localization for many languages, including Russian.


  • Proprietary software- Discord is closed-source, meaning their code isn’t available for inspection or reproduction.
  • No self-hosting available- Discord is wholly hosted by Discord, you cannot run private instances, and all servers hosted on their infrastructure.
  • Developer’s previous company used for privacy violations, among other things- private policy states that they wouldn’t give your data details.
  • A company get sold to will quite possibly attain said & thus may be in more shady hands.
  • Based on an electrician, eats a lot of RAM.
  • Some functions cut out & available only with the “Nitro” subscription.
  • Unstable on Linux
  • Not a generic “team chat” tool
  • Anti-privacy license terms.

Can change the “Now Playing “status to something inappropriate.