Whatsapp Status Saver

Whatsapp Status Saver

WhatsApp Status Saver

Keep a tack of your WhatsApp status with the status saver app –

The WhatsApp status saver app works uniquely by saving your WhatsApp stories in your Android phones. As we are aware that our WhatsApp stories automatically disappear after 24 hours, this app is entirely free, and one can easily save their WhatsApp stories by downloading and using this app. The app is unlike any other because of its exceptional features and high functionality. If you are looking forward to downloading or saving any of your stories or videos from WhatsApp, then you can use this app easily to get your job done without any difficulty.

What the application does –

The app will quickly enable you to keep track of your WhatsApp stories and statuses. One can easily save their status and use them later own or even repost them whenever they want. There has been a high number of users of this app and it works with the Android browser or with the file manager. The WhatsApp status downloader and the APK file can be run with any Android device. You can also find various tips and tricks on how to use this app and how to cheat on the app, these are all available for free.

Features of this app – there are a few incredible and exciting set of features that make this app what it is. Your entire video and story saving process is taken care of by the amazing features of this app.-

  1. The app will download your WhatsApp story
  2. The app will view your WhatsApp story
  3. It reposts WhatsApp status story of contacts
  4. Capable of Saving multiple Stories, Statuses and Photos
  5. Automatically Deletes the stories that are unwanted
  6. Has an excellent UI to manage your status.
  7. Previews the story that is downloaded
  8. Has an inbuilt media player

What are the pros of this app?

  • The app is great because it is capable of saving more than one story
  • Gets rid of unwanted stories and statuses
  • The media player is very efficient and plays audio and video content
  • You can see the preview of the story that is downloaded

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What are the Cons of this app?

  • One cannot re-upload stories or statuses
  • The app does not hold official affiliation of WhatsApp
  • The app contains many ads, and that can be annoying for the user

If you are a WhatsApp user and you are wondering how you can take care of the content that you have put up by saving it or keep track of it, then this is the best app for you to use. This application has many features and free tricks to make it easier for you to manage your stories on WhatsApp. We often get annoyed by the fact that these statuses disappear so soon, and it only takes for you to save it before that happens. Just download the WhatsApp status saver save all of your stories, photos and videos so you can view them later and repost them whenever you like. Make the most of your favorite stories by cherishing them and saving your valuable memories for yourself.

WhatsApp Status Saver

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