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Features Of Whatsapp Application:

The list of features that associated with the Whatsapp application given below

QR Code: Each user of the Whatsapp application gets created with a unique QR code that can share with others to connect by avoiding the traditional process of exchanging the numbers.

Broadcast: The broadcast is a feature in Whatsapp application that allows adding many people as a group, but all the messages sent in the broadcast are delivered individually to their chats and no one knows that a broadcast created and messages sent.

Whatsapp Payments: The Whatsapp application allows the users to perform payments through it safely and securely. To initiate a transaction, the sender has to send a request to the receiver,  by an acknowledgement from the receiver the transaction can proceed.

Whatsapp Web: To make the Whatsapp users life easy, they implemented a feature of WhatsApp web that allows the user to make use of Whatsapp application in the desktop. There is a simple task to perform for the access of WhatsApp web as the user have to open the WhatsApp web in the browser and then scan that QR code with the mobile device so, that the user is all ready to use Whatsapp on desktop.

Whatsapp For Bussiness: The Whatsapp application can also use as the tool for business purposes. By switching the stable Whatapp application to the business version, the users unveil many features.

Advantages Of Whatsapp Application:

The pros of Whatsapp application given below

Chats Are End-To-End Encrypted: All the texts and multimedia messages in the Whatsapp application are secured with SHA algorithms so that the application provides an end to end encryption.

Allows Sharing Multi-Media Messages: The users can share messages, photos, videos and stickers as there is no restriction over the transmission of files.

Free Audio Calls And Video Calls: All the users made available with the features of audio calls and video calls, so that make use of them while using the Whatsapp application

HD Quality For Video Calls: At the time of video calls the application is far better in providing the experience as it gives HD clarity at the times of video calling.

Compatible With Multiple Devices: The Whatsapp application compatible with a massive range of devices as ios, android, and windows.

Allows Sharing Live Location:  The whatsapp users are permitted to share the live location and the current location. The users could share the live location for a maximum of 8 hours if they wanted to

Allows Creating Groups: Group creation is possible in the Whatsapp application, and a group allows more than 100 members if it is for a business purpose. The admin has access over the group, and to provide access to the people of the group.

Executes Message Status: The Whatsapp application provides the user with a feature that helps to track the status of sent messages. If the message is in the receiver server, then it displays with a grey tick and if the message delivered to the receiver, then blue ticked shown.

Disadvantages Of Facebook Messenger Application:

The cons of Whatsapp application given below

Unavailable With Secret Chats Option: There is no option to hide some chats like hike and Snapchat. The only option is to delete the chats which are even unavailable to retrieve.

Requires Internet Access: The Whatsapp application requires access to the internet connection to make use of all these features.

Needs An Exchange Of Number To Connect In Whatsapp: To connect on the Whatsapp application both the users need to share the contact number, there is no other way to connect.

Display Picture Available To All Contacts Of User: After saving the contacts in your device your display picture available for the people and there is no possibility to hide display picture.

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