Human beings are by far the only living beings that can talk hence it is obvious that we take our communication with one another very seriously. This is the basic idea which was kept in mind while developing Wechatapplication. Wechatapplicationforandroid is a box of surprises that are never ending. You can talk to people through messages, send them voice messages, photographs, videos, notes, location and many more things. It comes free of cost but gives the best service as far as the communication application is concerned. Let us take a look at some of its features and highlights.

About the application

It is easy to downloadandinstallWechat. You can downloadwechat through google. Once you have the application in your phone, you need to sign up and log in with your phone number and password. You can also do this using Facebook. In such a case, your Wechat account will be linked to your Facebook account. You can go for normal calls, that are considered to be of high quality, you can go for video calls and message deliveries. Adding contacts is easy. You can sync contacts with Wechat. You can also scan QR codes to add friends. A funny way of adding friends is shaking your phones together.

Highlights of the application

Wechatapp helps you to contact with people you know. What if you don’t know anyone? It helps you in getting into contact with new people in case you are lonely and want to start up a conversation. You can use the option of looking around for friends. This will bring you in contact with other people who are looking around. If you feel like, you can connect with them.

Features of the application

Wechatapp allows fast communication and clear voice quality. You can also get into video calls, group chats, sharing pictures and videos, talk on walkie-talkie mode and so on. Wechatapp has fun animated stickers that can be used while chatting. It gives you a backup of your chat history and notifies you whenever you get a new message.

Pros of the application

  • It is free of cost and a great way to connect with people.
  • It has fun themes and stickers that keep you entertained.
  • It has proper privacy settings and extremely safe to use.
  • It doesn’t show any pop-up advertisements.

Cons of the application

  • Competition in the market is tremendous. There are a number of apps that are similar to this. In such a situation, it is a bit difficult to convince people to use this app.
  • The interface needs a bit of an improvement as suggested by the users.
    The overall review of the application indicates that it is good to use and is easy to operate. Install the app and keep chatting with existing and would be friends.

    How to uninstall WeChat app in Android?

    Know that the system apps of your phone cannot be uninstalled, but you can uninstall the installed apps.

    • Open settings in your phone. Open the “Apps” section under “Device” subheading.
    • This will display the list of all the system apps and installed apps. Open the list of installed apps.
    • Scroll and find the app that you want to uninstall. Tap on the name of the app. Tap on “Uninstall” and the app will be removed from your phone.

    How to install Wechat Android app

    If you’re using a smartphone for the first time and still learning the basics, you must be looking for a perfect guide that can help you out. Applications are an integral part of a smartphone, and your phone is literally nothing without them. So, you should know how to install Android apps with or without Google Play Store, and we’re here to help you for the same. We’ve mentioned below the steps that you need to follow.

    Systems nowadays are made smart enough that they have all the necessary apps by default. But in case you need to download other apps, here’s how to do the same:

    With Google Play

    For anything that you need, Google Play Store has an app.

    • Swipe left and right on your home screen and look for Play Store icon. When you get that, tap on it to open.
    • Google Play will ask you to sign in if you’re opening it for the first time. Once you’re in Google Play, you can go for searching apps and downloading them.
    • When you open Google Play, you’ll see a sign of magnifying glass in the top right. Tap on the glass and then type the name of the app that you’re looking for.
    • Tap on magnifying glass sign on your keyboard to make xecute the search. The search results will be displayed on your screen.
    • Tap on the icon of the app that you want to install. Click on “Install”, and you’re done.

    Without Google Play

    Though Google Play Store is a one-stop shop where you find everything that you need yet you might sometimes feel the need to install some apps from outside the veritable android flea market. Here are the important steps which you should grasp when you the same is the situation:

    • In your settings, tap on privacy heading and move to security. Now search for heading “unknown sources” which is turned off by default. Turn it on, and this will allow you to download apps from unknown sources.
    • Now go to your browser and open APKMirror. This is a trusted website to find legal APKs. You can also use some other site that you already trust.
    • Now download required APKs from the site.
    • After you’ve downloaded the APK, locate the file in your phone in File Manager.
    • Select the file. A warning will pop up to confirm if you want to install the app. Tap “Next” and then “Install”. The application will be installed.

    The only thing to remember is that you should not download files from untrusted sources. This might be dangerous, and your phone details can be distributed on the internet.