Viber App

Viber App

Viber App

About Viber app:

Viber app is the platform for instant messaging also voice IP application. By this Viber app not only sending the messages but also users can exchange images, audio and video media messages etc. You can make the voice and video calls same as the Skype. For this use your wifi or mobile data for internet connection. Viber needs your phone number to create an account. In Viber, group chat supports up to 250 people and you can send the texts up to the 7000 characters long.

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Viber App Functionality:

After installing the Viber app then asks your permission to send the notifications also access your address book. Enter your phone number to create an account and typer you name to add the profile photo. By using this app you can chat with your friends and send videos, images, files etc. For free of cost, you can do the video and voice calls all over the world.


Viber is developed by the Belorussian also Israeli citizens. You can secure your chats from the strangers by 4 digit password. You can hide not only the chats also the private folders in the image gallery. It is designed with the safely encrypted communications.

User Interface:

The user interface of Viber is pretty good. You can see get the recent calls list, the contact list that is present in your address book. You can invite your friends to the Viber app. In this app easily add contacts to your favorite list.

Viber app Features:

  • Long distance calls for free: Viber is the international calling app. You can call long distance at free of cost
  • Instant video messages: You just tap and hold the video to capture that moment with 30 seconds videos and release to send
  • Secure communications: Viber automatically encrypts the text messages, voice calls, video calls, videos, and group chats
  • Hidden chat feature: You can choose and hide the specific chats from messaging screen also you can access them later.
  • Video or voice calls: You can call the basic voice call or video calls domestically and have international calls with HD sound quality
  • You can express your feelings by using the stickers like emoji icons and cool stickers
  • You can delete the text message or voice message even after it was sent.


  • For Viber users, there is the unlimited free voice and video calls
  • Group text messages
  • Need not to register with your username and password (use only mobile number)
  • Easy to use and setup

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  • There is the poor quality compared to Skype also Whatsapp
  • No call blocking
  • No tablet support


Viber has the good user interface and easy to use. By using this you can send the funny stickers, videos, and emoticons. In my opinion, Viber is the good app to contact the people around the world for free. Just download the app and have a more time with your friends.

Viber App

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