UC Browser App

UC Browser App

Ucbrowser App

UC Browser a freeware mobile browser which was developed by China’s mobile internet company named “UCWeb” owned by Alibaba Group and ranked third in the category of most popular mobile browsers after Google Chrome and Safari. This browser app has a feature of data saving of an internet that grabbed a lot of attention from the people and also optimized for the small screen of mobile devices. Compatible with all client operating system like Android, Google, Symbian, iOS, Java, and many more. You can easily download UC Browser for Android from a play store app. UC Browser app is available in all the operating systems.

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About UC Browser App

UC browser was launched in the year 2004 as a J2MEapplication and by its original authors UCWeb Inc. but later it was developed by Alibaba Group place a nameUC Browser. It is now available in many languages and most popular in Asian countries. Moreover, UC Browser app has another variant named “UC NEWS app” which attracts the new generation because it provides the all the news around the world by consuming fewer internet data that proved as a USP of this app.


  • Recently, Google play store remove UC browser due to a certain setting and forbidden Google’s Policy. But, now UC Browser again comes with its latest version on play store.
  • Latest updated feature in UC Browser App “Be Smart” uses high data technology to provide personalized content and recommendations to the users.
  • Its updated version come with the smart weather, multi-tasking support, Tackles CPU exploits, Flexibility of switching quality of videos, video previews, and smart zodiac.


  • Its multi-touch feature grasps the attraction of people because the feature allows to swipe between web pages from right to left and left to right.
  • Its data compression system and cloud acceleration make the browser faster.
  • Easily load web pages even when you have a low-speed of your connection or work on 2G connection.
  • It comes with Night mode feature takes care of your eyes while browsing in the night and with download manager where you can save your all files in one place.
  • Highly compatible for playing videos, gaming, TV shows and movies.
  • There are many customizable features to reduce data consumption of internet.

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  • A faster browser which gives a tough competition to Google Chrome and Safari.
  • It’s a clean interface and a customizable app features which consume fewer data makes it unique and attractive from others.
  • Its ad-block feature makes the user entertained without any kind of annoying ads and give advertisement free browsing.
  • Allow access to the incognito window for private browsing.
  • Just text mode and nigh mode saves data and battery.
  • Auto page loads the next page automatically that it is a part of the arrangement and utilize less space of RAM in your devices.


  • Plenty of customizable features setting results bug and some error.
  • The homepage of the browser gets mixed with useful links.
  • Have some bugs that don’t allow some application to open.

Bottom Line

UC Browser app offers a smooth browsing and customizable platform for mobile browsing even at the low and slow internet connection and in the low-tier smartphone. No doubt that it’s a quick browser app but not that much quicker as Google Chrome.

Ucbrowser Fast & Secure

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