Telegram App

Telegram App

Telegram App

Telegram app is a cloud-based messaging service app which allows the users to send messages to each other. It also provides access to the users of the app to send photos, videos, and other documents of any type in all the formats. The app also provides end-to-end encryption for voice calls and secret chats between online users. All the messages and media (Photos, Videos, and Files) in this app are encrypted for only client-server and stored on the servers by default.You can easily download telegram app in your smartphone via play store and download telegram for Windows from its official website easily.

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The new version of Telegram named “Telegram X” introduced with some experimental features. It runs faster and smoother than the Telegram App. You can able to see a pop-up preview of a chat by pressing long on conversations and the size of the text can be customized in Telegram X. This version is also available on Google and Apple’s play store and use it by just putting the login details of your previous Telegram app.


  • The key feature of the Telegram app is “Secret Chats” because secret chats of Telegram app is based on end-to-end encryption technology protection.
  • Allow you to make up to three accounts with different mobile numbers in the same app simultaneously.
  • You can edit your sent messages up to 48 hours, chat rooms that support up to 1,00,000 users.
  • You can easily translate words, send videos from YouTube, and more within the chat box of Telegram app.


Provide you access to send money through the app. Allow you to send files and documents of up to the size of 1.5GB. Use thousands of GIFs and Stickers freely. You can translate words from other languages within the chat box of Telegram app.
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You cannot able to see the status of the person whether he/she is online or not. There is no feature of voice messages just like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have. People cannot able to send multiple files, photos, video, and other documents at one time. No parental restrictions are there for using this app.

Bottom Line:

Telegram App is not that much popular like other instant messenger apps. In the future, it will be going to give a tough competition. It creates opportunities to interact with people in the online world but this app is not considered as a marketing tool. This app is considered the best app in terms of security, privacy, and message delivering speed.

Telegram App

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