Reface App

Technical Information Of Reface App:

Application Reface
Size required for android 18M
Supported android 5.0 and above
Content rating 17+
Compatible platforms iOS, android
Size for iOS 72.2 MB
Category Entertainment
Compatible iOS iOS 13.0 and above, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Languages English
In-app purchase Weekly

Annual plus



The Reface is a face swap application that uses sophisticated Artificial intelligence to perform the tasks. The Reface application provides access for all the users who are more than 18. All the data of the user protected by copyright, patent and IPR.

Features Of Reface Application:

The list of features that associated with the reface application given below

Multiple Swap Filters Available:

The Reface application has some unique set of filters as Faceswap, live Faceswap and gender Faceswap. Each of the filters has an outstanding property as the Faceswap feature allows users to swap their image with others. The live Faceswap is a feature which helps to switch the user image with live faces of celebrities, and finally, the gender Faceswap used to alter the face one gender to others.

Multiple Subscription Plans:

Reface application has a stable version and a paid version, the paid version unveils a lot of features that are unavailable at the regular version. All the subscriptions are non-refundable and non-transferrable. The subscription plan costs may change without any notice to the user.

Uses Third Party Content:

To provide quality content for the users, Reface application uses third party GIF and videos. Reface doesn’t use any of the user content for their usage.

Allows Sharing Edited Clip As Gif or Video:

After editing the images by applying any filters, then the user can share or save the clips to friends and family in a Gif or video.

Advantages Of Reface Application:

The pros of Reface application given below

Provides Safety For User Content: All the data of user secured and no third parties allowed to make use of it. All the data secured with copyrights law if anyone tries to make use of it, then they will subject to copyrights infringement.

Users Can Have Fun With Reface: no user regrets for using the Reface application as there is enough fun available for all the users.

Artificial Intelligence: The Reface application makes use of Artificial intelligence to maintain privacy for the user data and to swap the images.

Disadvantages Of Reface Application:

The cons of Reface application are as given below

Addictive: The user interface of the reface application is too addictive so that the users can’t quit the app.

Hard To Make Use: The application is a bit hard to understand for the users who are using it for the first time.

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