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Technical Information Of Pinterest App:

Application Pinterest
Founder Ben Silbermann

Paul Sciarra

Evan Sharp

Key people Ben Silbermann

Evan Sharp

CFO Of Pinterest Todd Morgenfeld
CEO Of Pinterest Ben Silbermann
CTO Of Pinterest VentureBeat
Type Of Bussiness Public
Type Of Site  social networking
Available in Multiple languages
Released On December 2009
Provides service worldwide
Compatible Platforms iOS, Android, Windows
Languages Used Java





Supported Devices Phone, Microsoft Windows, macOS, web
Derivatives Of Pinterest ROI
Content rating 12+
Offered By Pinterest


There are times when you want advice. This advice can be about anything. It can be what dress you should wear, what jewelry you should match them. It can be any idea of handmade gifts you want to make for someone special or a travel you want to plan. Pinterest is like that best friend who gives you great and innovative ideas regarding all of these. It gives you all kind of DIY ideas, food recipes, present packaging ideas and so much more. The Pinterest App can be easily downloaded and installed. Let us take a look at how it works, its features and highlights.

About the application

Pinterest app for Android has its way of being used. You need to send a request to someone who is already a part of Pinterest. Once someone from that group confirms your request, you can become the part of the Pinterest circle. The next step would be choosing the fields you like that can be anything starting from art and craft to architecture, home decoration to exam preparations, food to travel. The ones you like will be pinned to your home page. You can upload pictures, videos and methods of things you make, cook or may be stuff you do. This can be viewed by others who are interested in that category. At the same time, you can explore other’s ideas, works and guide videos for various things.

Highlights of the application

Pinterest has become a very popular application among youngsters these days. They can easily downloadPinterestapp. They can find everything under the earth on one app. This also shows the variety of things people are interested in. Pinterest has different things for different individuals. You can browse pins both offline and online. It is free of cost and a very productive pass time for you. You can learn so many things from the app.

Features of the application

Pinterest app comes with advanced features of collecting online visuals and saving them as bookmarks. Through Pinterest, you can also share list of photographs and videos with other people or keep them private if you want to. It allows you to explore various pins of other people. It is supported by android and can be used in android cell phones.

Pros of the application

  • The Pinterest app download is easy.
  • It makes you more productive and gives you innovative ideas. It is like a conglomeration of so many creative brains in one platform.
  • It is easy to use and free of cost.

Cons of the application

  • You can’t pinch the photos to zoom in.
  • If you choose your interests, you are probable to miss out on other videos that are not your forte.

So, we can say that if you install Pinterest app, it turns out to be helpful for people who keep looking for new and creative ideas in every sphere of their lives.

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