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Google Play Store App Review

In this generation, we are somewhat dependent on the internet and several apps. Nowadays, you can do everything with the help of an app. No matter what you need, from stars to scars, you are just a few clicks away in your app. And to download those apps, you need to go to Google Play Store and there you will get all the necessary apps. The usage of this app is very simple and least complicated. All you have to do is to search for the app that you need and then click on the download button. After that, you will find out that your desired app has been downloaded to your device.

About the application

Almost in all the android devices, you will find out that Google Play Store is an inbuilt app. From this app, you can download all the other apps that you need. If you open this app, you will witness that the developers have designed this app very meticulously and precisely. There is no such Android app, which you will not find in the Google Play Store app.

Highlights of this app

Almost all the people, who are using an android phone, are using Google Play Store app. previously, this was called android market and later on it changed its name to Google Play Store. The best part is that your device will feel no pressure as it is a very small app that takes almost negligible space of your phone. In the top of the app, you will find out that there is a search bar. You have to type the name of your desired app, and after that, you can install that app very easily. Be it shopping app, a gaming app, language app or any other kind of app; you will find all those here.
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Features of this application

Well, as this app is already installed in your Android mobile phone, you don’t have to bother about the cost. It is a free app. We previously have discussed that you can download any android apps from Google Play store. Besides, here you will find all the necessary information the apps that you are about to download so that you can get a brief knowledge about them before installing them to your device. Also, if you want to update any of your apps, you have to visit Google Play Store first, and then you can update the app that you want. Right now, Google Play Store can be considered as a very significant hub for your digital life because apart from apps you can also download Google Play Music, Google Play Music as well as Google Play Movies and TV.  Another intriguing feature of this app is that you must know that you can make a wish list. In the wish list, you can keep the apps that you want to later on.

Pros of this application

  • You can search by the keyword or category so that you can find your app easily.
  • You don’t have to bother about your app updates because you will get all the automatic updates.
  • You will find that the design of this app is very attractive,and it will soothe your eyes.
  • The numbers of contents are really very high.

Cons of this application

  • You will get overwhelmed by the variety of it.


Google Play Store

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