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Google Play Music

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Music is a very significant part of our life. Most of us are living a hassled life right now and to cope up with that pressure, nothing can work better than music. Also, music is the universal language that everyone understands. Without music, our life will become melancholic and we will be deterred from cherishing the beautiful fragrance of life. Well, Google Play Music is one of those that will quench the thirst of your musical existence.

About the application

Like most of the Google supported apps, you will find this app built in your android phone most of the times. It is an amazingly user-friendly app that will allow you to browse a huge number of songs. Also, if this app is not installed in your phone, you can easily install it from Google Play Store. All you have to do is to search for the app and after that you have to install it in your android phone. The size of this app is only 300 MB, so it will not create any pressure to your phone.

Highlights of this application

When you are far away from your computer, nothing can be better than Google Play Music if you want to listen to the songs that you like. Here, you can upload more than 50,000 songs and that implies the fact that you can upload your whole collection in Google Play Music app. It will not only allow you to enjoyall your songs, but it can be considered as an amazing backup tool as well. The best part about listening your own songs in Google Play Music is that you can skip it as many times as you want unlike other music streaming apps where you can skip for a limited time because of the license issues.

Features of this application

There are some amazing features of Google Play music, which you can relish as a music lover. Here, we are going to discuss about those features. Here is the list of features we are talking about.

  • You can utilize the Google Play Music in several ways like you can purchase songs from it, you can upload you play list as well as you can stream music in Google Play Music.
  • All the songs that you will find in Google Play Music are of very high quality so that it can satisfy your ears.
  • If you have lost the connection of internet, you don’t have to bother playing songs because you can play offline songs in Google Play Music.
  • By using this app, you can explore the several realms of music because here you will find all the genres of music specified in different classes.
  • You can listen to some amazing podcasts here as well.

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Pros of this application

  • You can play your own collection of music.
  • You can upload up to 50,000 songs in Google Play Music
  • You can connect 10 devices to your account.
  • You can have access to unlimited songs, if you pay for that.

Cons of this application

  • You will not be able to play songs in multiple devices simultaneously.

This app is free of cost and will allow you to listen more than 50,000 add supported audio files. So, install this app and enjoy the taste of your music.


Google Play Music

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