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Get your accurate location from Google Maps

Google Maps is a great feature available at Google store and available as a default application with Android devices that help you with navigation and locating places around you. The app helps you to find out the remotest of the place that you are looking for or you are travelling to. The app tells you about the destination from the location that you are starting from and show you the directions, routes, distances and time. The app has a satellite connect which enables it to locate any particular spot on earth, even if it belongs to a remote area. One can also find various spots around the destinations and the information displayed very vividly with this app.

Know more about the application-

Google maps are a great feature that helps you to understand and figure out the ways to explore your path towards your destination. The application is available in Play store and one can download and install it if the app is missing with your Google files as a default.

Interesting facts about the application

You need this app the most if you are a traveler and or if you are just starting out on a journey. The app is very accurate, and people have been using it for all time purposes. The rating of this app is 4.3 out of 5 stars and that is the reason why one has to make sure they have this app with them all the time because of its essential reasons. The app is downloaded at least 1,000,000,000 times, one can download more than 80 version of this app, and it is available in English.

Features of this application –

There are some great and exciting features in this app such as –

  • One can navigate without internet connection and this app can work for offline searches
  • Very detailed imagery of restaurants, Street views and other spots
  • The Indoor maps in this app can quickly find out airports, malls and museums.
  • Use ‘OK maps’ to speak about the given location and save it for offline use.

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The app is very essential and helps anyone is find their way out of unknown places and explore newer places-

  • Beat traffic and save your precious time with this app
  • The app helps you to catch your trains and bus rides with real time ETA.
  • Create a great list of favorite places to share with your friends and colleagues

Cons –

  • Sometimes the app does not show accurate information
  • It takes time to load the location, sometimes hangs, and crashes.
  • The satellite connect is not as strong as Google Earth.

Google maps are very useful for cab drivers, cyclist and common pedestrians as well. It can help you to locate yourself, show you the possible options of travel routes, and make sure that you are not finding it difficult to figure out where you want to go. The app is very easy to use, and anyone can use it by typing the destination. Just make sure that the location services or your devices’ GPS is on and the rest is easy to go about. You can have other choices of cafés and restaurants to eat on the way to your destination. The app helps you to save a lot of time compared to other apps.


Google Maps

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