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Google Chrome

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Right now, internet is an inevitable part of our life. Without internet, it will be hard for us to survive as we are all dependent to it. From cooking to shopping, we need internet in each and every aspect in our life. But sometimes, we face several problems, regarding the speed of it and to help you out from that problem Google Chrome App is here. It will not only make your internet surfing fast but will also secure your surfing. Here, we are going to have a precise discussion about the Google Chrome app. So, have some patience and carry on with your reading.

About the application

Google Chrome is a very easy to use app. You don’t have to go through any complications while downloading this app. All you have to do is to search this app in your Google Play store and after that you can download it from there. Downloading Google Chrome app will increase the speed of your internet surfing and will also intensify the security of your surfing. To be more precise, it will make your internet surfing easier.

Highlights of this app

Most the times, you will find out that Google Chrome app is already installed in your Android mobile phone. But if it is not, you can download this app very easily from your Google Play Store at free of cost. The best part about this app is that you can download this app any system and carry on with your surfing, where you have left earlier. This app will provide you with a superior internet experience. It will also allow you to retrieve the bookmarks or tabs that you have closed mistakenly.

Features of this app

There are several features of this app that will enhance the experience of your internet surfing. Also, while surfing internet through this app you don’t have bother about the security as it is a much-secured app. So, here is the list of features of this app that you need to know.

  • Here, you can browse previously browsed pages as well as related topics by selecting the personalized search results. They will instantly come in front of your eyes as you type them.
  • If you don’t want your data and browsing history to be disclosed, opt for the incognito mode. Once you select this option, you don’t have to bother about search history as it will not get saved in your browser.
  • You can use this feature to get the permission of all bookmarks and it will also provide you speed dial shortcuts.
  • You can browse your internet safely by using Google Chrome app as it will inform you before entering into a dangerous site.
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  • The downloading speed will increase amazingly, and you can also watch videos and view web pages offline.
  • By Google voice search, you just have to say what do you want, and you will get all the desired results.
  • Another unique feature is image search where you can where you can search your required content by pasting image on the ‘search web image option’.
  • You can also save up to 60% of your data by selecting the data saver option.

Pros of this application

  • The design and user interface of this device is very easy.

Con of this application

  • It is not the fastest browser in the world.


Google Chrome

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