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AppLock App

A phone is much more than a mere device these days. A cell phone has become a smartphone now. Smartphones have nothing less than all your secrets, your personal photographs, videos, documents you don’t want anyone to see or know. As we all know, nowadays our phones are connected to all our bank’s accounts owing to the different applications we use. In such a situation, it is very important that we save our phone from any kind of leakage of information on our phone. Applock app Download is a simple application for Android that helps in locking not only your phone, even the applications inside your phone. Let us take a look at how it works, its highlights and features.

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About Applock app Download

You can install applock app very easily. Once you have installed the application, you can use to create locks on all your applications. Be it your gallery, your messages, your Whatsaap or your Facebook app, you can lock them all. You can choose from the customized locks. These can be either pattern driven or numeric. Once this is done, you can easily leave your phone on your bed or give it to any kid to play with. No information goes out from your cell phone now.

Highlights of the app lock

• App lock app download is easy.
• You can use the free or paid version of the application.
• You get basic app locking benefit from this.
• You can also have a time lock in the sense that if you want your applications to be locked at some time of the day.
• You can also lock it according to the GPS of your phone. This means, when you are in a particular location, your phone automatically locks all its apps.
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Features of the AppLock app

Applock for Android can be downloaded for your mobile phone. It takes up less space and hence is suitable for your phone. With the new version, you can install applock app easily. The new version of the application also allows you to unlock some of the apps with the help of your fingerprints. It also has security questions you need to answer in case you forget the pattern or password. It works in the power saving mode and comes in different themes as well.

Pros of AppLock app

• You can avoid spies, frauds, kids and unnecessary relatives who can cause harm to your phone and personal data.
• The application can be downloaded for free and works well for everyone.
• The patterns and passwords used here work faster than the default patterns and passwords in your phone.

Cons of the application

• You get the time lock and location lock only if you have the premium version of the app for which you need to pay an amount.
• It is quite basic and a bit ambiguous in its function.
The overall review of the application suggests that it can be used if you want to keep your privacy that is personal information safe and sound. Get the application and get rid of security problems forever.

AppLock App

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